8 In 1 Keyboard Cleaning Kit Earphones Cleaner Brush For AirPods Computer Tablet Laptop TV Screen Mobile Phone Cleaning Tools




  • Feature: Eco-Friendly
  • Usage: Dust
  • Type: Computer Brush
  • Style: Scourer
  • Material: Plastic
  • Origin: Mainland China

• 8 in 1 cleaning kit :This kit includes eight different tools to help you clean your computer, tablet, laptop, TV screen, and mobile phone with ease.

• Earphones cleaner brush :The earphones cleaner brush ensures that your earphones stay clean and hygienic, preventing any ear infections.

• Eco-friendly material :Made of eco-friendly plastic, this cleaning brush is a sustainable choice for those who care about the environment.

• Versatile usage :This cleaning brush can be used for dusting your computer, tablet, laptop, TV screen, and mobile phone, making it a versatile tool for all your cleaning needs.


1. 8-in-1 kit: The cleaning kit includes a cleaning pen tip, a removable sticker super fiber cleaning cloth, a flocking sponge stick, a built-in key puller, a soft bristle brush, a cleaning brush, a cleaning nozzle, and a mobile phone bracket. It is used to clean dirt, scale particles, dust, etc. and pull out mechanical key caps. The cleaning brush is made of high-quality ABS+PC+nylon fiber material, which is environment-friendly, odor free and durable. It will not harm the keyboard and for the Airpods Pro 2 headset. It has moderate hardness, good elasticity and is easy to clean your digital equipment.

2. Multifunctional design: The pen tip can remove stubborn stains in the gaps between earphones, buttons and other objects without damaging the charging port of the earphones; The brush can remove dirt and dust from the earphone sound hole; Flocking sponge can remove the dust in the headset charging box; The wiping cloth attached to the back of the box is used to clean small areas of dust, such as the mobile phone screen; The mobile phone holder can be used to place the mobile phone; The built-in key puller can be used to pull out the key cap of the mechanical keyboard.

3. Telescopic design: Double head separate design, with brush sliding switch. One end of the multi-functional cleaning kit is a brush, and the other end is a cleaning pen, cotton swab and other accessories. It can be used after being launched, which is convenient. It also has an integrated tool storage bin, so you don’t have to worry about losing it.

4. Wide compatibility: It can clean a variety of devices, such as headphones, mobile phones, tablets, laptops, televisions and other digital devices.

5. Warm prompt: The product is equipped with a detergent nozzle. Press it to spray the cleaner (one of our products is with cleaner, and the other one is not, please check it before you buy it; you can also use the cleaning spray to deeply clean the stains, and press it down to spray the cleaner).


Color: White

Properties: No detergent, with detergent (optional)

Material: ABS + fiber flannelette + sponge + Metal

Size: 9x5x3 cm/3.43×1.97X1.18 inch

Net weight: 90g

Package Includes: 1 x Cleaning Kit


1. When cleaning the screen of computers, tablets, mobile phones and other digital products, spray the cleaning solution evenly on the surface, and then wipe it with a microfiber cloth on the back;

2. Push out the cleaning pen to expose the tip, which is used to clean the stubborn stains in the machine gap, and the small brush is used to clean the particle dirt of the machine;

3. Push out the cleaning cotton stick to clean the dust and dirt;

4. Take out the key puller, which is used to take down the keys of the mechanical keyboard, and deeply clean the dirt inside the key disk;

5. The cleaning brush can be used to clean the dust and garbage on the surface of the key plate and other objects;

6. Open the phone holder to change into a desktop holder.


1.The size is measured by hands, there may be some deviation, but it does not affect the use.Please read the product size on the details page carefully before purchasing. Thank you.

2.Due to the different ambient light and different display device settings,there may be some deviations between the pictures you see and the items themselves. Please understand.


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