Compressed Air can for computers ,Electric Air Blower Computer Cleaning,Cordless Air Dust Cleaner for PC Keyboard Crumbs




  • Package: Yes
  • Model Number: CD06
  • Type: USB Cleaner
  • Brand Name: ICANZUO
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Certification: CE,FCC,RoHS
  • compressed air can: for computers
  • computer cleaner: Electric Air Blower
  • air duster: PC Keyboard Crumbs

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$50 이상 – $5 할인;
$100 – $10 할인.
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【Powerful Duster & Deep Cleaning】

icanzuo air duster is a ultimate smart device, With 2 nozzles, 1 brush nozzle for more thorough cleaning and 1 round nozzle for blowing dust. It can be used for most devices,it is used for cleaning away the smallest dust particles in the high-precision instruments. This duster helps you clean up air conditioners, pet’s hair, printed circuit boards, medical devices, relays, contacts and connectors, computers, laptops and keyboards, switches and solenoids, electrical equipment, laboratory instrument, telecommunication equipment to electronic instruments and so on.

Instructions for use

1,Long press 3s to start
2,Connect thenozzle in large diameter directionto the product

【Why Choose Our Product:】

This is a portable icanzuo air duster, you can put it in your home, in your car, it has no chemicals, will not produce any pollution, wide range of usability in every narrow and corner place.
it can blow away dust on electronic components safely without creating static electricity, provide you with better experience.

【Deep Cleaning:】

The cordless air duster allows the maximum rotating speed to reach up to 40000 RPM. Its motor produce a powerful thrust of air at almost 10 level strong gale (28m/s) for deep cleaning.

【Large Capacity Battery:】

Air Duster built-in 8000mAh(4000mAH*2) lithium batteries, it can work nearly 0.32 hours (low gear) after a full charge (USB-port fully charged in 5.5 hours).

【Protable and Poweful】

This unit comes with a USB charging cord, it can be charged with multiple USB-powered devices, such as laptops, power bank, power adapters, car chargers, etc.

Comes with an extra brush tube, it can clean precision instruments deeply.




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