Windows Cleaning

Window Cleaning Services

At Fresh Start Cleaning and Maintenance, we recognize that clean windows can transform the appearance and ambiance of your home or business. Our professional window cleaning services are designed to leave your windows sparkling clean, enhancing natural light and providing you with unobstructed views of the outdoors. Here’s how we can brighten your space with our expert window cleaning solutions:

Thorough Cleaning Process:

Our comprehensive window cleaning process involves more than just the glass. We also clean the frames, sills, and tracks, areas that often accumulate dirt and debris over time. This thorough approach ensures that your windows operate smoothly and look great from every angle.

Spot and Stain Removal:

Hard water, mineral deposits, and other contaminants can leave unsightly spots and stains on your windows. Our team uses specialized cleaning agents to remove these blemishes without damaging the glass, restoring clarity and shine to your windows.


Regular Maintenance Schedules:

Regular window cleaning not only enhances your property’s appearance but also protects your windows from the degrading effects of dirt and environmental pollutants. We offer customizable cleaning schedules to fit your needs, whether you require seasonal, monthly, or even weekly cleanings to maintain optimal transparency and cleanliness.

Professional and Courteous Service:

Our window cleaning professionals are courteous, reliable, and highly trained. We respect your privacy and your property, ensuring a smooth and pleasant service experience from start to finish.

Post-Cleaning Inspection:

After cleaning, we perform a detailed inspection to ensure that every window has been thoroughly cleaned and meets our high standards. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and our commitment to leaving your windows in pristine condition..

Satisfaction Guaranteed:

Your satisfaction is important to us. If you’re not completely happy with the outcome of our window cleaning service, let us know. We are committed to making it right and will address any issues to ensure your satisfaction.