At Fresh Start Cleaning and Maintenance, we offer comprehensive home cleaning services designed to keep your living space spotless and healthy. Understanding that each home is unique, we provide personalized cleaning plans tailored to meet the specific needs and preferences of each client. Here’s how we can transform your home into a meticulously clean and refreshing environment:

Personalized Cleaning Plans: We begin by assessing your home and discussing your specific cleaning preferences and requirements. Whether you need a one-time deep clean or regular maintenance, we customize our services to suit your schedule and cleaning goals. This includes choosing the frequency of cleanings and focusing on areas that require special attention.

Whole Home Cleanliness: Our home cleaning service covers all areas of your house. From bedrooms and living rooms to kitchens and bathrooms, we ensure every room is thoroughly cleaned. This includes dusting, vacuuming, mopping, and wiping down surfaces to remove dust, allergens, and germs that can accumulate in everyday living spaces.

Kitchen and Bathroom Deep Clean: These areas often require extra attention due to their frequent use and propensity for germ accumulation. In kitchens, we clean all surfaces, including counters, appliance exteriors, cabinets, and floors. We also tackle sinks, faucets, and backsplashes. In bathrooms, we thoroughly disinfect toilets, showers, tubs, and sinks, ensuring they are hygienic and sparkling.

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products: Committed to protecting the environment and your health, we use eco-friendly cleaning products that are powerful against dirt and grime but gentle on the earth. These products are safe for children and pets, making them ideal for family households.

Advanced Cleaning Techniques: Our team is equipped with the latest cleaning technology and techniques to ensure efficient and thorough cleaning. High-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter vacuums capture up to 99.97% of dust and allergens, while microfiber cloths trap dirt and reduce the need for harsh chemicals.

Attention to Detail: We pride ourselves on our attention to detail. Baseboards, window sills, light fixtures, and other often-overlooked areas are included in our cleaning routine. We ensure that no detail is missed, providing a clean that is both seen and felt.

Flexible Scheduling: Understanding the busy lifestyles of our clients, we offer flexible scheduling options. Whether you need us during the day, in the evening, or on weekends, we work around your schedule to make our services as convenient as possible.

Professional and Trustworthy Staff: Our cleaning professionals are thoroughly vetted, trained, and insured to provide you with safe and reliable service. We respect your home and privacy, providing a professional service that gives you peace of mind.

Satisfaction Guaranteed: Your satisfaction is our priority. We stand behind our work with a satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not completely happy with our services, we’ll return and rectify the issue at no additional charge.

Fresh Start Cleaning and Maintenance is here to help you maintain a clean, comfortable, and healthy home. Contact us today to discuss your cleaning needs and how we can assist you in creating a cleaner and more inviting living space.